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Fun in Oklahoma!


The Clutch Guys spent last week at Little Sahara Park in Oklahoma developing clutch kit calibrations for the new General 1000 and the Turbo RZR. Chilly mornings, warm sunny afternoons, a few bloody knuckles and a lot of laughs made for a great week. It was a much needed break for these northern snow-bound boys! There weren't a lot of people out riding last week, but we turned at least a few heads when we were running 34" mud tires in the dunes!

The good news is that clutch kits for the General should be ready to ship in about 30 days, and Turbo RZR kits around April 1st. We have a lot of new components to make for these kits, we'll try to have them ready sooner.

In stock form, our kit will give you a more aggressive upshift, a real snappy backshift and better belt life. If you run bigger or more aggressive tires, our kits for those applications really do a nice job of restoring performance and cleaning up any belt slip.   

As always, we try to design all our kits to be a simple, bolt-on performance package that doesn't cause you any other headaches with driveability.


The General has arrived!

Yesterday we woke up to -17 degrees here in Baxter, and although the temp only rose to 1 degree all day, we had a great day because we picked up our Polaris General! This is going to be a very popular machine! Cross a RZR and a Ranger and you've got the ultimate all-purpose UTV. [...]

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Quadna Mud Nats, testing and skeeters

If you happened to be at this years Quadna Mud Nationals on June 6-8 then you already know how much fun it was. The crowd was a lot bigger than last years inaugural event, there was a lot more mud and a lot more broken wheelers. All of that added up to a successful event [...]

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Spring in Minnesota

Well, we managed through another long winter in Minnesota! AT least we got to spend a week of March down in Texas at the Highlifter Mud Nationals - if you haven't been there, get it on your list. Everyone should experience it! Better yet, plan to join us at the Quadna Mud Nationals here in [...]

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“Hey Jeff, we need you to blog”. I’ve been hearing this forquite some time, and I’ve done my best to avoid it because I wasn’t sure whatblogging was and if it would require any activities that I dislike such asexercise. OK, I’m probably at that age where I could go either way with thisblogging thing. [...]

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