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The EPI Severe Duty Drive Belt - The Belt That Started It All!


When it comes to drive belts, nothing compares to

The Original Severe Duty Belt from EPI Performance.


We could tell you all about the Aramid fiber loading that makes our belt strong enough to withstand more force than any CVT system could ever dream about encountering,  or the stitched fabric inner cog cover that’s crazy-expensive to add but critical in building a quality, long-lasting belt.  And let’s not forget our secret recipe of adhesives and compounds that hold it all together and withstand the high temps that destroy other belts.  


But we’d rather simply say: “Trust The Clutch Guys when it comes to choosing a drive belt for your machine”  


You ask “Why should I”?  


What? How dare you question The Clutch Guys!! 


LOL, of course you should ask that!


Here’s why: Because The Clutch Guys understand clutches and we understand the relationship between the clutches and the belt in creating an efficient CVT system that PERFORMS. There’s more to this  than just trying to create an indestructible belt. It has to perform efficiently as a complete CVT system. THAT is what really matters. Sure the belt needs to be strong, but that’s the easy part of designing a belt! More importantly, it needs to grip the clutches properly when cold, and when hot, and under hard acceleration and during backshift... there’s a lot of things constantly going on under that clutch cover and your belt has its hands full trying to keep everything connected properly without getting too hot and coming apart.   


Face it, the occasional belt replacement is just a part of this sport. It happens to everyone now and then, and can be more frequent based on how you’re riding and other changes you may have made to your machine.It all starts with proper break-in. Read our break-in tips


Picture this: You’re out riding with friends in some of the best mud you’ve found all summer. You’re new 30” tires look so cool on those new rims, and your new winch is mounted up ready to pull the others out (because ain’t no way YOU’RE getting stuck!). You’ve been riding non-stop, having a blast when suddenly you smell that unmistakable burnt belt odor or even worse, you hear it come apart and see chunks blowing out the vent. GRRR!!  You start cursing that stupid belt!  How DARE that belt slip or break! It shouldn’t matter that you’re running huge, heavy tires caked in mud or have added hundreds of pounds of accessories to your machine, or maybe you even got some water in the clutch vent, and don’t forget that you’ve dragged several friends machines out of the pit…. STUPID BELT!  (same goes for you sand guys…… c’mon, you know similar stuff goes on when you’re running non-stop in the heat with your foot glued to the floor climbing dunes all day….STUPID BELT!) Hey, we do it too, and it always seems to happen at the worst times! But listen, take a breath and give your belt a break. Think of it this way, the belt is a wear item and is also the weakest link in the driveline, and that’s by design. We’d rather replace a blown belt any day than something more expensive like a clutch or rear differential.   (Now,  if you’re continually blowing belts, you have other CVT issues. Give us a call, we can help figure out what’s wrong.)


Our goal is to provide our customers with a well-tuned, efficient CVT system that is calibrated for your style of riding and modifications. We want you to experience as many trouble-free miles as possible. We are confident that our belt is the best you can buy, so we feel good about asking you to:


“Trust The Clutch Guys when it comes to choosing a drive belt for your machine”  


Clutches and Belts go hand in hand. We’re The Clutch Guys and we understand them both. The Original EPI Severe Duty Belt. The best belt you can buy. (And it comes with a 1 year warranty!)