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Performance can mean different things to different riders. To me, it means hitting the throttle and having to hold on tight. To my dad, it means being able to push snow and haul wood without lugging the motor down or slipping the belt. My neighbor thinks performance just means being able to go really fast. 

At EPI, we know performance is personal. That’s why we design our Clutch Kits with specific goals in mind. We build them for sand riders, mud riders, trail riders and workaholics. Our Clutch Kits not only give you the performance you want, they make your belt last longer by allowing the clutches to work more efficiently and reducing slippage.

Did you know that EPI stands for Erlandson Performance Incorporated? That’s right! Performance is in our name. Explore our site or give us a call, we’ll help you figure out which Clutch Kit will give you the most performance for your machine and style of riding. 

Read below why you need a Clutch Kit, or watch a short video to learn more!

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Jeff Supinski

President, EPI Performance


*Why you need a Clutch Kit

The Clutch Guys at EPI have always tipped our hats to the manufacturers in regards to their stock clutch calibrations. When it comes to figuring out how to calibrate the clutches on every model they sell, they don’t have an easy job. A manufacturer has to design their clutches to perform adequately over a wide range of use. One customer will hang a plow on the front and push snow. The next will put on big mud tires and head to the bog, or install sand paddles and head to the dunes. You get the picture! Because manufacturers have such a wide variety of potential buyers, they have to calibrate their clutches to perform all of these different duties as well as possible, without excluding any of them. 

This is where EPI Performance comes in! We’ve been designing snowmobile and ATV/UTV Performance Clutch Kits since 1991 to meet the needs of each particular riding style.

  • Mud riders need lots of low-end, tire-turning torque to power through thick mud bogs. A lot of you have been to the Highlifter Mud Nationals over the years and know exactly what we’re talking about. How many times have you seen someone stuck, revving their motor and seeing belt smoke rising from the machine? EPI can fix this!
  • Sand dune riders need to hold peak RPM in order to keep their paddle tires digging and get them up the biggest hills like Oldsmobile Hill, China Wall, etc.  We’ve run a lot of stock machines up those hills only to see the RPMs drop halfway up and the tires stop turning. Again, EPI can fix this – it’s what we do.
  • Trail riders love the crisp throttle response our kits provide. When they let off the throttle to enter a turn and hit it again – their motor jumps right back up to the peak RPM. 

And let’s not forget about those of us who love investing in power-adders. Nothing beats a great sounding exhaust system, a high-flow air filter, a dialed-in fuel management system or the many other aftermarket ways to add power to your motor. But remember – when you add power, you also create more belt slip unless you recalibrate your clutches. The stock clutch calibrations are designed for a stock horsepower motor. So if you’ve increased the power output of your motor, the clutches can’t grip the belt tight enough.  This means only some of your added power is actually making it to the ground – the rest of it is just burning up your belt. The good news? EPI can fix this!

Sure, CVT clutching can be complicated and it can take some effort to dial in a machine. But EPI can help – we were built on clutching. We have warehouses full of springs, weights, cams and every imaginable trick and tool of the trade at our fingertips. Not to mention the best Clutch Guy in the business, Chad Erlandson.

Whether you drive a stock machine and just want a little more excitement when you punch the throttle, or you’re very particular about your style of riding, consider an EPI Performance Clutch Kit to make sure you’re getting all the performance your machine has to offer.

When do you need an EPI Clutch Kit?

  • Quicker acceleration
  • Better backshift (crisp throttle response)
  • Added bigger tires, track system,  sand paddles, etc.
  • Added weight (cab, winch, plow, etc)
  • Mud riding
  • Sand riding
  • Making more power than stock
  • Working your machine hard, such as plowing, hauling, towing
  • Having belt issues, burning belts, breaking belts